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A step in the right direction – The OECD’s “Your Better Life Index”

A new index has been released by the OECD called the, “Your Better Life Index.”

Here’s a link to the website where you can read about some really interesting data that’s come out about each country – OECD Better Life Initiative

I won’t write too much about the results, as I think it’s best that each individual reads the information for themselves, but what I will say is that the top 5 ranked countries are as follows:

1. Australia

2. Canada

3. Sweden

4. New Zealand

5. Norway

I think this is an exciting step in the right direction in terms of comparing countries in terms of more than just Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and looking towards other indicators that provide a better overall measurement of a country’s progress.

I’m quite passionate about decoupling our current economic theory and the GDP indicator. I sincerely hope that an index like this can be adopted around the world, not just in OECD countries, and used to transition to a more efficient, effective and sustainable economic model.

Here’s the promo video:


– OECD Launches Your Better Life Index

– Better Life Country Notes

– Organisation launches ‘happiness index’

– Canadians Can’t Complain: Better Life Index


Do you agree that an indicator like this is a better economic indicator than just GDP?

Is it possible to make the transition?

How can we make it come about without severely affecting our quality of life?

Cyber Bullying

What is QLD doing on this front?

The system is lagging behind on dealing with this severe matter. Young people are being subjected to bullying every day and cannot escape from it. Measures need to be taken to better educate young people about the psychological impact of their actions, the consequences of bullying, as well as the introduction of stringent penalties for the lowlifes who do this to other human beings. It’s sad, immature and just simply inhumane.

I myself have been the subject of cyber bullying and no one is immune from it. Luckily I’m a confident person who is able to deflect such actions. My concern is for other young people who may not be so confident in themselves, or may just be having a bad week. What are we doing to protect these people and to change the behaviour of people online?

We need to create a greater awareness of the impacts of these incidents and find a way to increase individual’s accountability for their actions through social media and other avenues online.

Furthermore, I’ve had a general policy on this issue since the 26th of June, 2010. See –

What are your thoughts on the issue?

How severe do you think the problem is?

What can be done about it?

Do you sites, such as Facebook, offer sufficient tools to deter this behaviour?

What sort of penalties should be put in place for offenders? (Lawyers, Law Students – would love your input on this one)