Car Dependency, Obesity and the Benefits of Active Transport

My current PhD research is  looking into ways to encourage commuters to choose more ‘sustainable’ modes of transport such as public transport and active transport (walking, cycling, etc)…

What I have found quite interesting is the amount of evidence linking car dependency and obesity. In countries like Australia, we have huge issues with road congestion and the flow on effects of this phenomena, and linked with this the country has one of the highest levels of obesity in the world…

Interesting article about Sydney, Cycling, Car Dependency and Obesity – click here

There are a few fronts of which we need to tackle this issue:

1.) Develop new residential areas around better design principles which promote active transport and allow convenient, fast and efficient public transport alternatives.

2.) Find ways to shift the behaviour of commuters in established residential areas to active/public transport..

I’m investigating ways of doing this through congestion charging, also through a ‘emissions trading-like’ scheme.

Interested to know what others think we should do to improve public transport, promote sustainable modes of transport and hopefully in the process reduce obesity…

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