Gambling: Sports + Advertisements

So here is one thing I really dislike in Sweden – advertisments for gambling agencies… For a country that is so highly regulated in many other aspects – alcohol, etc – I don’t understand why gambling is so prominent on TV’s and not just during sporting matches, but constantly.. Now my understanding is that they are mainly British companies, circumventing the law by setting up online sites outside of the country, but I don’t understand why the government doesn’t just ban the advertising..

This whole concept of gambling just mystifies me. Admittedly I’ve gone to the pokies and played a few times, but I’ve had a limit of $20, after which I walk away.. The problem is, it’s not as easy as that for most people.. It goes beyond pokies though, you can’t even watch a game of football anymore, without odds showing up all over the screen for who will score the next goal, the finishing margin in the scores, I’m sure one day it will be who hits their head next..

I think it’s sick that such companies are allowed to brainwash society and become unescapable as they are constantly shown.. The whole concept feeds off a weakness in the modern human psyche that seeks to be rich, and to make a ‘quick buck’ without any effort.. and what’s scarier is that people actually believe it will happen to them, and next thing you know they gambled their entire house away…

The problem is present around the world, but I think governments should intervene and slowly shrink the influence of these companies, which are just as bad as tobacco firms profiting of people with drug addictions..

Ultimately, there will be some who argue that humans can’t save humans from themselves.. but we also can’t just stand by and watch society collapse around us.. Good policy and regulation is necessary on issues where individuals are unable to comprehend the consequences of their actions..

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