Welcome to Progressive Talks – a website constructed early in 2011 for the benefit of whoever wishes to be involved in stimulating and constructive discussions about topical issues in our current world. Now anyone that knows me can testify that I do tend to be a bit of idealist and am a ‘Big Picture’ kind of guy, but I truly think that with a bit of hard work, a lot of lively debate and some time for true reflection and thought, our society can begin a new chapter in its history.

I am a firm believer in the fact that our current lifestyles, particularly in Western Countries, are unsustainable and derive from a culture of consumerism. Since the industrial revolution, society has been encouraged to purchase and consume items at an ever accelerating rate, mainly for two reasons:

1.) Under the misguided perception that collecting material objects will also result in happiness; and,

2.) In order to stimulate our economy and drive “growth” – measured by the single indicator known as GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Currently the world is only just starting to come to grips with the fact that we are destroying our environment and ultimately risking the future of our species and every other living being on this planet. This debate has particularly revolved around the topic of Climate Change and is slowly starting to touch on an equally important concept of the finite resources of which our planet is made up of.

Now obviously these statements are purely based on my own opinions. In saying this, however, it’s important to know that this page has been written, not to just broadcast my views to the world, but to encourage others to express their opinions on a range of different issues that our world is currently facing.

This website collects news items from around the globe and provides a Forum on which anyone is welcome to start a topic and express their opinions and views.

I would encourage members of the community, from all sides of politics, to be involved with this process and provide some insight into the basis behind their own opinions.

Ideally, it would be preferred that people back up their statements with reference to sources, however, this is not mandatory. It is also also requested that members conduct themselves in a sensible fashion. Debates on such topical issues will no doubt arouse the emotions of some, however, I ask that members be as objective as possible, otherwise they may find that some of their comments will be moderated if they are inappropriate and/or personally attacking other members..

Since this is a brand new group and website, periodically errors or issues may be present on particular pages. It would of great assistance if you could provide feedback on these issues and/or suggestions of other topics and areas that you may like to be included within this site.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Progressive Talks and I hope that the information contained within this medium stimulates ideas in your mind; helps you to think about what an “ideal” world could look like in the future; and how our society can ultimately get there.




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